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Image by Joanna Lopez

Welcome to our little slice of heaven, or as we like to call it, "The Plantation of Questionable Life Choices." We're humble homesteaders, attempting to turn this plot of land into a thriving ecosystem of chaos and veggies.

Homesteading, where 'Crop rotation' becomes a fancy way of saying 'Musical Chairs for vegetables!'

2024 GOALS

Every year we sit down and write our "Wishlist"  of everything we want to accomplish throughout the year. Generally we get very ambitious and realize later in the year that the items on our list are way too many to turn into reality.

This year we've decided to widdle this down to a REALISTIC list of things we feel we can actually accomplish.

On said list is:

1. Expand garden beds and add about 20 raised beds.

2. Pick out and plan Food Forrest.

3. Start buying Fruit trees and  get them into the ground.

4. Add a second Flock of chickens with multipurpose breeds.

5. Add 3 Turkeys. (We added 5!)

6. Get Bee Hive and start with bees for Honey Production.

Flow Hive
Baby Chickens


Our farm is home to a variety of chickens including Bielefelders, Jersey Giants, and a variety of Barnyard mixes. We've also just acquired Turkeys, and Bees. We believe in treating our animals with love and respect, and we know that happy animals make for better eggs, meat and honey. Click here to learn more about our animals. (Coming soon)

Meet Our Animals



We are Mel & Chris Adams, and this is our Journey to a more self-reliant life. It's filled with many clumsy, awkward, and funny moments. We love our life. We love our Smart house, technology, and our modern conveniences. But we also love growing things, being Chicken & Turkey owners, cooking from scratch, and aiming for a more self-sustaining life. On top of that we also create our own herbal products. (This was born out of necessity when Mel got diagnosed with what feels like a random assortment of Auto immune diseases over the course of a number of years). And we're doing all of that on 1.25 acres. Hang on, can we be a Micro Homestead?


To keep life interesting we are also Insect Breeders and breed Discoid Roaches for Reptile feeders (5 successful years and counting) and ship those all over the United States daily. If you find yourself in need of Discoid Roaches please feel free to check out Luna Roaches!


Buckle in, promise that occasionally it'll get really weird! I mean we are Cockroach breeding Homesteaders... what could possibly be strange about our life? ;)

Garden Tunnel
Mel & Chris


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